Series 4 Lotus Seven Engine Removal & Clutch Change


Er, why?

Let's start at the beginning...

Take one 1976 Series 4 Lotus Seven (NZ built by Steelbros) and lovingly leave it sitting in a garage undriven for months on end while you live overseas.  Naturally being English everything will deteriorate on it to the point of being undriveable. 


Enter Stickboy and his insane desire to take things apart and fix them.


First of all we don't need this:


So we'd better find some place for it:


And we don't need that:


Which just leaves us with:

S4_BareEngineBayFront.jpg  S4_BareEngineBayLeft.jpg  S4_CabinMinusGearstick.jpg

We definitely need to do something about this:


...because it ain't working too well.  After a bit of investigation it was found that the problem was the clutch hose being blocked.  So I actually could have done this job without removing the engine... <sigh>


So time for some new parts:

S4_EngineAndNewParts.jpg  S4_NewPartsWide.jpg  S4_NewPartsClose.jpg  S4_MachinedFlywheel.jpg

And a bit of a clean up...

S4_CleanEngineFront.jpg  S4_CleanEngineRear.jpg

Shortly before breaking a seal in half and dropping it into the head, necessitating taking the cam cover off to retrieve it:

S4_Cams1.jpg  S4_Cams2.jpg

Then it was time for it all to go back in again...

S4_EngineReadyToHoist.jpg  S4_EngineReadyToHoistClose.jpg  S4_EngineReadyToHoistOtherSide.jpg

S4_EngineReadyToHoistEngineBay.jpg  S4_EngineReadyToHoistRear.jpg

...with some neighbourly assistance...

S4_Tim1.jpg  S4_Tim2.jpg

Bake for a week on high, and the result:

S4_CompleteMinusBonnet1.jpg  S4_CompleteMi nusBonnet2.jpg

Better retrieve that bonnet:



See the timelapse video of the engine removal HERE (DivX .avi format)